Demänovská Cave of Liberty

There was a day when my niece Vladimíra (12) and nephew Aleš (10) came to Košice and we should spent our family time together for entire 5 days. I was really looking forward to be with them. But needed to prepare some program. As they were already here, so I wanted go somewhere outside a city. Then I saw somewhere caves map. I decided to go to Demänovská cave of liberty.

They arrived one day earlier in the evening and first thing what Aleš requested is to not wake up early, because it will remind him school days. So I told him, that next day we will wake up at 5AM, because of train to cave. He was “excited” 😀

We took a train. In 3h we have been in Demänovská valley. Needed to wait almost 1h, because entry is every hour and we missed previous one.

This cave is the longest cave in Slovakia. We could see many amazing natural pools and wells, typical cave rivers, waterfalls, amazing ceilings, dripstone decorations, fissures.. Everything was so breathtaking. We were slowly moving through cave, and enjoying humid air with temperature 7°C. I think therefore I didn’t have breathing problem to walk that many stairs up and down – around 1000 in 60min.

I also like this cave as there were filmed our famous fairy tales – Soľ nad zlato (Salt and Gold) and Perinbaba (The Feather Fairy).

It was really nice day 🙂

Official cave site

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