Poprad tarn

DSC01054I was just thinking to visit our Slovak mountains High Tatras, but I’m not really touristic girl. I wanted some easy tour, and my brother suggested Poprad tarn. “That should be quite easy” he said. Ok, let’s go. I’ve packed myself and my little dog. Our tour started early in the morning in Kosice. It is approximately 2h from Strbske pleso/tarn by train and then by cog railway. We arrived around 8AM, and take forest path to Poprad tarn. I was walking slowly and carefully, so instead of recommended 1h10min it was 1h35min. I said that time is not important, but the goal 🙂

The forest path is quite easy for anybody. Also for me :)) We were walking really slowly, and enjoying the nature.


Somewhere in the middle there were really nice views.



At our top – Poprad tarn – there were hotels, restaurants with views and souvenirs shops. We had there early lunch. With really nice views.


We decided to take another way back. There is normal asphalt road and very clean. I took off my shoes and walked bare foot few minutes. It was really good and relaxing for my feet. Actually, I don’t have touristic shoes, so I was wearing only kind of touristic sandals.


The way down took also around 1,5h. On Strbske pleso you can have reward for such tour, like beer, coffee, or for me it was an ice cream 🙂


My dog was so tired in the end. Actually, she was walking around 14km, so she was sleeping entire way back to Kosice and then also at home until next day. Me as well 😀


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