This is Prague in August


4 days trip to Prague in Czech republic. Taking 8h night train from Košice – town where I’m living. Good to be there early in the morning. Still have time to take sunrise pictures. I know myself, will be sleeping longer and don’t want to wake up only for sunrise. Shame on me, right? 🙂 Then I could see for example this amazing view. That one is taken on Charles bridge (Karlov most) – the oldest bridge in Prague over the river Vltava, built somewhere in 14th century.


Old Prague is quite good place to walk around. You don’t need to take tram, metro, or taxi to move from one sightseeing to another one. Yeah, well.. if you like walking, of course 🙂

While trying to find some open place to have a breakfast, we were standing in front of Prague’s astronomical clock (Pražský orloj). This time it was under construction, so no moving figures. Nevertheless, it is nice place.


You have to be careful in the morning, there is no open restaurants, where you can have a breakfast at this place. If you are not obsessed with McDonald, or KFC..

It was starting to be quite hot. That day’s weather forecast was 37-39°C Hot, hot hot… Still moving to another places, hiding in building’s shadows. And there you go, Wenceslas Square (Václavské námestie). This is a place where many historical, business, cultural events happened; used also for demonstrations, celebrations.

On 28 October 1918, Alois Jirásek read the proclamation of independence of Czechoslovakia in front of the Saint Wenceslas statue.

Close to our hotel were many historical sight seeings. But one of them is not very old. Its history started somewhere in 80’s last century. It is Lennon wall – painted with Lennon-inspired lyrics, quotations, graffiti.


We were staying in Red Lion hotel, 5min from Prague’s Castle, and around 20min from tower Petřín.

The castle from the 9th century is official residence of presidents. You can see here many interesting buildings like St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, Lobkowicz Palace, and many more.

Golden Lane – consists of small houses, painted in bright colors. In the past there were living poor people working in castle.

As in Prague are many gardens, I’ll leave here only one – Wallenstein Garden. But it is worth to see many more, as each of them offers something else.

Walking around the city you could see so many interesting places. People are nice, helpful. Some of the place are below on the pictures.

Franz Kafka monument
Memorial 17.11.1989
David Cerny – Crawling Babies
Cracking Art Group – Yellow Penguins
Dancing house

And Petřín view:


Ok, and in the end the best of the Czech cuisine 🙂

Let’s go back home from Main railway station.


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