This is Rio in July

DSC00262#1 Sunset at Arpoador
Must see while in Rio de Janeiro. Just find some place on the rocks, take a deep breath and enjoy the magical sunset over the mountains.


#2 Fruit + acai

It is really easy to be a frutarian or vegan here. All of the fruits are so delicious. Just go to any supermarket, fruit market, or buy it in the street and enjoy natural sweetness of this really yummy fruits – pineapple, coconut, papaya, mango, guava, banana, apple, passion fruit, melone – red, white, green.. It is so different comparing to what I’m eating in Slovakia/Europe.

Brazil speciality Acai is served mostly as kind of an ice cream – natural, with banana or strawberries, or with granola. You will simply love it 🙂


#3 Christ Redeemeer
38m (including 8m pedestal) tall statue of Jesus Christ, built in 1931, located on 700m Corcovado mountain. You are riding through national park, excited to see the statue. At the top you can see Brazilian cultural icon, but also spectacular Rio’s scenery. But you have to have luck as clouds may be floating around, so the statue could disappear.


#4 Copacabana and Ipanema beach
I think within 40min you can do entire Copacabana beach. Walking along the ocean, listening to many voices, sounds, thinking about life, or just running to clean the brain.
Next to Copacabana is Ipanema beach. The connecting point is above mentioned Arpoador. For me it is same nice beach as Copacabana.


#5 Sugarloaf / Paõ de Açucar
Around 400m tall mountain. You will be “rided” to the top by 2 cabel cars. This time of the year waiting time is very short. Same as to go to Christ statue. Took around 10min.
I was there just before sunset. So really enjoyed the moment of sun sitting down. From there you can see the beaches – Copacabana, Guanabara bay, Ipanema – airport, Christ statue, islands, 14km long bridge to Niterói..


#6 The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian
The cathedral was designed in a modern style based on Mayan style of pyramids. It has room for 20 000 persons. You can now imagine how big it is. Few years ago visited Rio pope John Paul II, and he was celebrating holy mass exactly in this cathedral.


#7 Escadaria Selarón / Selaron steps
These famous steps in Lapa have been “renovated” by one local man. It took him 10 years to finish the work. 215 steps are covered with tiles, ceramics and mirrors that Selaron found on the Rio streets, some of them were donated by visitors. Also known from Snoop Dog video for song Beautiful.


#8 Favela / slum
Here are mostly living poor people. Here in Rio you can see how close poor and rich people are living. They say here that in favela Santa Theresa was filmed movie Fast and Furious 5. Picture above is taken from a shuttle as it is not secure to go outside due to many gangs, or people with guns.

And that’s it from my touristic point of view 🙂 Of course there are many other nice places like lakes, lagoons, forests, gardens, but these are my tops 🙂

For me there is only one, but quite big minus here, and it is language. They don’t speak english here. Such a nice touristic place and locals are not willing to learn at least some “touristic” phrases to be helpful. To sell more things, to earn more money etc.. I’m not talking about hotels, airport and business parts here.

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